Reports & Minutes

December 2018

January 2017

January's documents include draft meeting minutes for the board of trustees and the general membership meeting.  They also include NSP Proposals and the proposed revisions to the OTRCC Bylaws.  Finally, they include the Elm and Liberty project letter of appeal and information about an upcoming community training for opioid prevention.

NSP Proposed Budget NSP 2017-solicit businesses NSP 2017- communication NSP 2017- FLOTR1 NSP 2017- FLOTR2 NSP 2017- online renewal NSP 2017- OTR festival NSP 2017- public art NSP 2017-GEMS 2017 OTRCC Bylaws Proposed Revisions Draft Minutes of Board of Trustees January Meeting Jan 2017 Membership Agenda DRAFT_OTRCC_MembershipMeetingMinutes_Jan2017 OTRCCLetterofAppeal_ElmLiberty_Jan2017 Community Training for Opioid Prevention NSP 2017 – Job Fair Treasurer’s Reports – Jan 2017
Photo by Travis Estell