Membership Meeting Agenda June 27, 2016, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

1) Call to Order
a. Neighbor Introductions
b. Approval of Agenda
c. Ratify Board’s selection of new Board Member

2) Guests & Presentations (5 minutes each)
a. Cincinnati Police District 1 Report
b. Amber Simpson, Principal, Rothenberg School
c. Bob Sehlhorst, August Job Fair
d. Rev. John Suguitan, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
e. Sherman Bradley, Hope Fest for Health & Education
f. Anthony Ooley, Recover Together
g. David Walters, Zoning Change for Nano Brewery, 260 Stark St.
h. Julia Rose Fischer, Play Library
i. John Walters, OTR-UC Streetcar Shuttle
j. Sokoni Hughes, Chatfield College
k. Erin Owen & Lorri Winchester, Great Cincinnati Water Works

3) Trustee Reports:
a. Approval of consent agenda items:
Minutes from May membership meeting
Treasurer’s Report
b. President’s Report
c. Other reports

4) Announcements
a. Political Candidates: Aftab Purval, Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
b. July 9: Neighborhood Games Kick-off at Washington Park
c. July 11: Second Sunday on Main
d. August 2: Neighborhood Night Out
e. August 6: OTR Community Festival

5) Adjourn

Photo by Travis Estell