BACKGROUND INFORMATION Special Membership Meeting of OTRCC

Special Membership Meeting of OTRCC
Wed. Oct. 5, 2016 at 6:00 PM
OTR Rec Center, 1715 Republic Street, Cincinnati, OH 45202.  
No City Planning representative will attend the Special Meeting on Oct. 5.  City Planning Commission staff members have  helped us put together a summary of what has already been decided and what remains to be decided about the proposed development at the northwest corner of Elm and Liberty Streets. City Planning Staff has reviewed this document and confirmed that the information is accurate and complete.
The summary of decisions already made includes links to documents showing the various steps in the process, public meetings held and testimony received, the plans proposed and approved, and the text of decisions already made, including City Council’s June ordinance approving the Concept Plan and zone change to Planned Development.The text in Italics is a description of next steps in the approval process, including several more opportunities for public comments about the project. This portion of the document also summarizes which topics have already been decided or are outside the jurisdiction of CPC and are therefore beyond the scope of their review.
A representative of the development team will be present at the Special Meeting to answer questions

Summary of City Planning Commission’s Process for Elm & Liberty Development
I.  Approval of Concept Plan for Zoning Change to Planned Development:

II.  Approval of Final Development Plan

  • On Sept. 19, 2016 Historic Conservation Board (HCB) approved Final Development Plan.
  • Cincinnati Planning Commission (CPC) process for approving Final Development Plan:
    • CPC will review the developers’ Final Development Plan when it is submitted to them to determine if it conforms to the Concept Plan.   
    • When Final Development Plan is submitted, CPC will schedule a Staff Conference and send notice of the meeting to property owners within 400 feet of the site and OTRCC.   The Staff Conference will be set no sooner than 14 days after Final Development Plan submission and will be open to the public.
      • Building height has already been decided and is not part of CPC review process.
      • Tenant mix and cost of housing are not within the jurisdiction of CPC. 
      • Comments about the way the project looks should address specific design flaws and how they should be changed. 
    • OTRCC can invite developers to submit their Final Development Plan for approval.  Although CC approval is not required, CC opinion will be considered by CPC.
    • After the Staff Conference, CPC staff will prepare a report for CPC with their recommendations.  All public comment will be included in report.
    • CPC will schedule a public meeting to consider the Final Development Plan.  This meeting there will be another opportunity for public comment on the Plan.
  • CPC decisions are final and are not reviewed by City Council.
Photo by Travis Estell