2015 Over-the-Rhine Residential Parking Permit Plan


An update regarding a residential permit parking plan for Over-the-Rhine, south of Liberty Street proposed in 2015:

Michael Moore, the Director of the Department of Transportation and Engineering, has been working with the OTR Community Council’s Parking Committee and many other stakeholders in the neighborhood to devise a plan for permit parking in OTR, south of Liberty Street.

Below are the components of the current plan that will be presented to City Council’s Neighborhoods Committee on Monday, January 12 at 2pm in Council Chambers at City Hall, 801 Plum Street. Vice Mayor David Mann, who is also Chair of the Neighborhoods Committee, shared the following with OTR Community Council Vice President Seth Maney:

OTR Residential Parking Map

OTR Residential Permit Parking Plan Components

OTR Residential Permit Parking Map

Details of the plan according to Michael Moore:

“The description now identifies 646 parking meters; 402 residential permit spaces (the map says 427, but this number includes 25 spaces for special loading zones for repairmen, maintenance vehicles, etc.), 199 “flex” spaces available to accommodate service industry workers.”

According the the “OTR Residential Permit Parking Plan Components” document:

  • Hours: 24 hours per day, 7 days per week
  • Start: January 1; permits can be purchased for a whole or half-year
  • Residency Verification: Valid driver’s license or vehicle registration for the dwelling unit and a utility bill or signed lease with the same address. To receive the reduced rate for rent-subsidized housing, proof of residency in a subsidized unit (a lease or voucher) within the residential permit parking zone must be provided. (Same as current residential parking programs)
  • Rates: $108 annually ($9/month) per permit, pro-rated for a half year purchase, collected by DOTE Permit Desk in City Hall, (Depending on the actual start date of the program, DOTE would recommend charging for the full year for 2015 to offset the cost of signage infrastructure required for the program)
  • Rent-subsidized dwelling units will pay a reduced rate of $18 annually ($1.50/month) per permit
  • Permits: Permits are limited to 1 permit per person and 2 permits per dwelling unit, no visitor passes, temporary passes will be sold for $5/day.
  • Residential Spaces: 402 residential permit spaces, parking space layout adjusted to provide 1 or 2 spaces in each block for delivery, tradesmen, etc. (total of approximately 25 spaces)
  • Legislation: Plan would will require not-withstanding certain elements of the current Municipal Code Section 514 (for example, the residential zoning requirement, costs) and current processes (balloting by post card).
  • Violation Rates: Consistent with current CMC

The plan, as described above, will be presented to the Neighborhoods Committee on Monday, January 12 at 2pm in Council Chambers at City Hall, 801 Plum Street. The meeting is open to the public.

Photo by Travis Estell