Now accepting applications for the OTRCC Board of Trustees

If you are interested in running for the OTRCC Board of Trustees for a two year term beginning at the close of our June 2017 meeting, please complete the trustee application and forward it to Michael Basch at  You can download the form here:

The candidates for trustee must be members in good standing.  You must apply by April 3oth.  Here’s the sequence of events according to our bylaws:

Article V-3 Part E.  Nominations for candidates to the board of trustees shall be submitted in writing to the nomination committee no later than April 30 of such year.

F. Nominated candidates shall be introduced at the regular May membership meeting. The board of trustees or its designee shall present the names, backgrounds and statements of all candidates. Notwithstanding subsection (E), the board of trustees may allow for additional candidates to be nominated from the floor at the May meeting.

G. The election of trustees shall be at the June membership meeting. The election shall include determining voter eligibility; the printing, distribution, collection, counting of all ballots; and reporting of election results. Voting shall be by secret ballot; proxy voting is not allowed.



Photo by Travis Estell