Mohawk Area Neighborhood Plan- Leave your Feedback

The Mohawk Neighborhood Plan is being developed as a flow down of the Brewery District plan, which in itself flows down from the Over the Rhine Comprehensive Plan. The City of Cincinnati’s planning department has all documents developed so far included on their website (Click here.) The plan addresses neighborhood assets/challenges, big ideas, the business district, parking and zoning, connectivity and pedestrian experience, and development appropriate for the neighborhood.  A community engagement meeting was held May 9th, but the website is still available to submit comments: (Click here.) The next meeting of the Mohawk neighborhood steering committee meeting will be held in late September, and the plan will be shared with the community in October and then submitted to city council for a vote. The Mohawk plan is a subset of OTR Comprehensive Plan, but does not specifically restate all of the principles of the OTR Comprehensive Plan.

Photo by Travis Estell