Invitation to Join the Priorities Discussion

Message from Maurice:

Hello Members.  We had a very productive—and stimulating—time at Monday’s meeting while discussing what we liked about Over-the-Rhine; improvements we would like to see; and priorities for the community council.  To facilitate the discussion, we answered the three questions on the 3 Questions document:

07242017 OTRCC Priority Questions

Then we discussed the answers in our small groups.  The unedited results are contained in the Results document:

07242017 OTRCC Priority Questions Results

We are working toward adoption of the OTRCC two-year work program priorities at our September meeting.  In the meantime, I invite you to join the discussion.  You can do that by downloading and filling out the 3 Questions document.  Then send your answer sheet to me (  Or, just send your answers to me.  For those of you who like deadlines, please reply by August 7.  We will have a status report at our August 21 meeting.

Photo by Travis Estell