All Over-The-Rhine residents are invited to attend the regularly scheduled Membership Meeting
Monday April 25, 2016 at 6:00 PM
HUB/OTR Rec Center, 1715 Republic Street.
(Entrance and parking from Race Street.).
Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.
But for just $2 OTR residents can become a member and get to vote at next MONTH’S Membership Meeting.
The REVISED meeting agenda is below. 



Our by-laws provide that all OTRCC memberships last no longer than 1 year and that they all expire right before the March Membership meeting.   Unfortunately, the Board failed to notify members that they needed to renew by the March meeting.  Members who did not renew by the March meeting would lose their voting rights for the April meeting and not be able to vote again until they had paid their dues and waited a month.  Because  this would have deprived many members of the right to vote at the April meeting, an emergency Board meeting was held April 6 to consider how to remedy the situation.  The Board voted to allow a one-time extension of the renewal requirement to the April meeting.  Therefore,  anyone who was a member in good standing as of March 2016, can maintain their voting rights for the April meeting by paying their $2 dues before or at the beginning of the April meeting.
Anyone who joins as a new member at the April meeting or whose membership had lapsed prior to March 2016 will still need to wait a month before being able to vote.  Only OTR resident members can vote.  

The Planning Commission hearing on the Liberty & Elm Project concept was held April 15.  The Planning Commission did not approve the project but asked that the developers address all of the concerns of the community.  They will reconsider the application at their May meeting after OTRCC has had a chance to review and weigh-in on the project at a special meeting to be held during the first week in May.  Discussions are on-going between developers, OTR Foundation and other interested parties.


The deck above the bar to be developed at 1332 Republic Street had been approved by Historic Conservation.  On April 21 the Board of Zoning Appeals reversed that approval while granting approval to the first floor bar.  OTRCC was among the appellants in this case and Martha Good spoke at the appeal hearing to express OTRCC”s opposition to the second story deck.  Score one for the home team!

Free Smoke Alarms!
On May 7 the Red Cross wants to install free smoke alarms in every home in OTR.
If you need an alarm, call  513-579-3003 and ask to have one installed.
If you would like to help install the alarms in May, call and let them know that, too.
If you have an item to include in a future newsletter or wish to comment on the newsletter please send it to Martha Good.
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