About Us

The Over-the-Rhine Community Council serves as a safe place for neighbors to meet, talk, and enjoy the neighborhood together. We aim to be the voice for our residents. As our neighborhood is rapidly changing, we want to make sure our neighborhood is a welcoming place for all who are living and contributing to this beautiful place.

We want to know you and listen to you. Please consider becoming a member of our Over-the-Rhine Community Council if you live or work here and come the fourth Monday of the month to our meeting at the OTR Recreation Center at 6pm. We can’t wait to meet you!

Monthly meetings

Regular monthly meetings will be held on the fourth Monday of the month. Meetings are currently held at 6pm at the OTR Recreation Center. There is no monthly meeting in December. All meetings are open to the public.

Recent News

OTRCC BOT 2019 Nominations

Stephan OTRCC 2019 John Walter OTRCC 2019 Julie Fay OTRCC 2019 Key Beck OTRCC 2019 Mike Bootes OTRCC 2019 Sallie Mascus OTRCC 2019 Danny Klingler OTRCC 2019 Maurice Wagoner OTRCC 2019 Thomas Fields OTRCC 2019 Amy Silver OTRCC 2019 Carissa Barnard OTRCC 2019 John Wulsin OTRCC 2019 Margy Waller OTRCC 2019

OTRCC/FCC Special Meeting Notice

CANCELLED Special Meeting Notification OTRCC Special Meeting Notice

Photo by Travis Estell