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OTRCC Membership Meeting June 27 2016

Attending: 38

Board Members attending: Cassandra Barham, Patricia Bittner, Martha Good, Matt Jacob, Joan Kaup, David Macejko, Domonique Peebles, Bob Sehlhorst, Amy Silver, John Walter

Board members absent: Seth Maney, Mark Manley, Monica McGloin

Welcome.  Introduce Domonique Peebles.

Matt made the motion to approve agenda. Cassandra seconded. Motion passed.

Peter moved to approve Domonique’s selection to the board.  Matt seconded. Motion passed.

Officer Rock, introduced Sargent Trotta. – Putting attention on hot spots:

  • Shell lot and the space across the street.
  • Findlay Park
  • Mohawk Theater prostitution
  • Republic and Bards Alley

Amber Simpson, Rothenberg School – Summer session ends this week. Looking forward to the fall.   Sat. August 13, noon – 4p.m.,  is the Back to School Event.  Pre-register on line. School theme is entrepreneurship.

Bob Sehlhorst, OTRCC Board Member – Job Fair at Rothenberg. Sat. August 13 from noon- a meet-up between companies needing employees and residents looking for jobs. Focus on local businesses and OTR adult neighbors.

Rev. John Suguitan, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church They are planning family events in Findlay Park on three more consecutive Saturday afternoons from noon – 4.  July 2, 9, and 16

Pastor Sherman Bradley, Consider the Poor – Hopefest serves residents and gathers data for future plans and services for those who do not have healthcare. July 9, 11 -3 p.m. festival includes screening for asthma, neonatal, and many others. vision, hearing speech, blood pressure, body mass.

Anthony Ooley, Groups They started at Dartmouth University. Cincinnati is their first place in the Midwest and was chosen because our opiate epidemic is one of the ten worse in America.   Adults, 18+ years, get treatment with physicians and psychiatrists for $65.00 a week.  Their proven success rate is 90%.  They will have 7 locations, but now their only location is 47 E. Hollister.  Register online for an appointment.

Julia Rose Fischer, Play Library  – Located at 1805 Elm in the Globe Bldg. near Findlay Market.  Already have 10 family membership sponsored which means qualified families can be granted a free family membership. Julie needs volunteers and is looking for a permanent location.  Looking for folk to run play programs in the space. Like at a library, you can checkout games and toys. Their goal to get people to play more together – not just for kids  Membership depends on how many games you want to checkout. Totally free if you want to play right there. 

John Walter, OTRCC Board Member –  OTR-UC Streetcar Shuttle.  Neighbors working with UC about a shuttle from UC campus to the north streetcar stop to serve students and faculty.   Convenience, safety and economic benefits for riders and residents.

Sokoni Hughes, Chatfield Collegen – OTR campus at Central Parkway & Liberty Street.  Prospective students need only a HS diploma or GED. Currently enrolling for the fall semester. Easy and  free to apply. Enrichment classes include yoga, zuma, first aid, art, and CPR and are open to community.

Kathy Bailey, Director, GC Water Works – GC Water Works offer free testing in your homes. Water leak on Adrian Alley in OTR was considered an emergency and therefore did not require a permit in advance. A restoration crew comes by later to restore the pavers. 591-7700 is their main call number for services and repairs. You can also use this phone to report any problems or unrestored areas. 

Consent items. Matt moved to approve minutes and treasurer report. Bob seconded.  Josh said he hasn’t seen the minutes and doesn’t feel comfortable approving what he hasn’t seen.  They are posted on the website and available for review.  Hold the minutes until next month. NOTE – I think it was Peter and Bob- CORRECT?  Peter moved and Bob seconded approval of treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

Greens on Main update – There have been several more meetings, our voice has been heard, options are being considered. It’s still a work in progress. Martha will keep us advised.

Visiting Candidates running for public office:

Aftab Purval, candidate for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.

Alvertis Bishop, candidate for Common Pleas Judge

Cathy Ingram, State Representative for 32nd District

For your calendar:

July 9 – Neighborhood Games Kick-Off at Washington park

July 11 – Second Sunday on Main

July 18 – OTRCC Board Meeting at Graydon on Main

July 25 – OTRCC Membership Meeting, 6:00 at OTR Recreation Center

August 2 – OTR National Night Out Social, 5:30 to 7:00, at Findlay Market.

August 6 – OTR Community Festival, Washington Park

August 13 – Job Fair at Rothenberg, noon – 4

August 13 – Back to School Event at Rothenberg, noon – 4

August 14 – Second Sunday on Main

August 15 – OTRCC Board meeting at Graydon on Main

August 22 – OTRCC Membership Meeting, 6:00 p.m. at OTR Recreation Center

Adjourned 7:50

Membership Meeting Agenda June 27, 2016, 6:00 – 7:30 PM

1) Call to Order
a. Neighbor Introductions
b. Approval of Agenda
c. Ratify Board’s selection of new Board Member

2) Guests & Presentations (5 minutes each)
a. Cincinnati Police District 1 Report
b. Amber Simpson, Principal, Rothenberg School
c. Bob Sehlhorst, August Job Fair
d. Rev. John Suguitan, Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
e. Sherman Bradley, Hope Fest for Health & Education
f. Anthony Ooley, Recover Together
g. David Walters, Zoning Change for Nano Brewery, 260 Stark St.
h. Julia Rose Fischer, Play Library
i. John Walters, OTR-UC Streetcar Shuttle
j. Sokoni Hughes, Chatfield College
k. Erin Owen & Lorri Winchester, Great Cincinnati Water Works

3) Trustee Reports:
a. Approval of consent agenda items:
Minutes from May membership meeting
Treasurer’s Report
b. President’s Report
c. Other reports

4) Announcements
a. Political Candidates: Aftab Purval, Hamilton County Clerk of Courts
b. July 9: Neighborhood Games Kick-off at Washington Park
c. July 11: Second Sunday on Main
d. August 2: Neighborhood Night Out
e. August 6: OTR Community Festival

5) Adjourn

June 2016 Membership Newsletter

OTRCC Board of Trustees Opening
Due to a resignation, there is an opening on the OTRCC Board of Trustees.  If you are interested, please complete the application form on OTRCC web-site
and email it to by June 10, 2016.
A draft of the May 23 Meeting minutes is now posted on the OTRCC web-site.
Highlights of the meeting include the following:
  1. There were informational presentations from
    1. Jake Williams, Invest in Neighborhoods
    2. Ken Wilson, Cincinnati Works
    3. Lorri Manchester, Greater Cincinnati Water Works
    4. Sokoni Hughes, Chatfield College
  2. Voted to oppose the demolition of the Denison Hotel.
  3. Voted to sign a letter asking Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber not to exercise the power given to them by City Council to suspend streetcar operations for Heritage Events with 90 days notice.
  4. Voted to support Concept Plan for Liberty Corner Development.
  5. Voted to advance funds to support Neighborhood Night Out on August 2, 5:30-7:30 at Findlay Market.
  6. Voted to advance funds for 31st Annual OTR Community Council onAugust 6, noon – 6 pm at Washington Park.
  7. Announcement of new Board Opening and invitation to submit applications by June 10.

May 2016 Meeting of OTRCC Board of Trustees

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the OTRCC Board will be
Monday, May 9 at 6:00 PM
Location:  Graydon on Main, 1421 Main Street

Board meetings are always open to the public.
At this Board meeting there will be a presentation from City Planning Commission Staff and Source 3 Developers about the proposed development on the northwest corner of Elm & Liberty.
The Board will offer OTR residents the opportunity to ask questions or to comment about the plan. Comments will be limited to 2 minutes and each person may speak only once.
If you wish to speak, be sure to sign up on the clipboard near the entrance when you arrive.

Other topics on the agenda include the proposed Mohawk Historic District, the Dennison Hotel and Neighborhood Night Out, and Committee Reports.


All Over-The-Rhine residents are invited to attend the regularly scheduled Membership Meeting
Monday April 25, 2016 at 6:00 PM
HUB/OTR Rec Center, 1715 Republic Street.
(Entrance and parking from Race Street.).
Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.
But for just $2 OTR residents can become a member and get to vote at next MONTH’S Membership Meeting.
The REVISED meeting agenda is below. 



Our by-laws provide that all OTRCC memberships last no longer than 1 year and that they all expire right before the March Membership meeting.   Unfortunately, the Board failed to notify members that they needed to renew by the March meeting.  Members who did not renew by the March meeting would lose their voting rights for the April meeting and not be able to vote again until they had paid their dues and waited a month.  Because  this would have deprived many members of the right to vote at the April meeting, an emergency Board meeting was held April 6 to consider how to remedy the situation.  The Board voted to allow a one-time extension of the renewal requirement to the April meeting.  Therefore,  anyone who was a member in good standing as of March 2016, can maintain their voting rights for the April meeting by paying their $2 dues before or at the beginning of the April meeting.
Anyone who joins as a new member at the April meeting or whose membership had lapsed prior to March 2016 will still need to wait a month before being able to vote.  Only OTR resident members can vote.  

The Planning Commission hearing on the Liberty & Elm Project concept was held April 15.  The Planning Commission did not approve the project but asked that the developers address all of the concerns of the community.  They will reconsider the application at their May meeting after OTRCC has had a chance to review and weigh-in on the project at a special meeting to be held during the first week in May.  Discussions are on-going between developers, OTR Foundation and other interested parties.


The deck above the bar to be developed at 1332 Republic Street had been approved by Historic Conservation.  On April 21 the Board of Zoning Appeals reversed that approval while granting approval to the first floor bar.  OTRCC was among the appellants in this case and Martha Good spoke at the appeal hearing to express OTRCC”s opposition to the second story deck.  Score one for the home team!

Free Smoke Alarms!
On May 7 the Red Cross wants to install free smoke alarms in every home in OTR.
If you need an alarm, call  513-579-3003 and ask to have one installed.
If you would like to help install the alarms in May, call and let them know that, too.
If you have an item to include in a future newsletter or wish to comment on the newsletter please send it to Martha Good.
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March 28, 2016 OTRCC Meeting Agenda & Announcements

Come to Membership Meeting March 28, 2016!

All Over-The-Rhine residents are invited to attend the regularly scheduled Membership Meeting

Monday March 28, 2016 at 6:00 PM
HUB/OTR Rec Center, 1715 Republic Street.
(Entrance and parking from Race Street.).
Everyone is welcome to attend the meeting.
But for just $2 you can become a member and get to vote at our next Membership Meeting.

The meeting agenda is below.

To learn what happened at the February 2016 meeting you can view the meeting minutes on the OTR Community Council web-site (  along with the minutes from the March 2016 OTRCC Board of Trustees meeting and the Treasurer’s report.

March 28, 2016 OTRCC Meeting Agenda


The Planning Commission hearing on the Liberty & Elm Project concept is scheduled for April 15 and it is open to the public. About one week prior to that date, the Planning Commission will issue its report. Objections to the Project should be submitted in writing to Steve Briggs, Senior City Planner at as soon as possible. Specific objections explaining why aspects of the project are a problem are most helpful. In addition, solution oriented, concrete suggestions for what can be done to improve the project are helpful.

BUGZ-Kindergarten and 1st GRADE MUSICAL
Corbett Theater
►Thursday, April 7, 2016 7:00PM
►Thursday, April 7, 2016 12:15PM
Ticket Price: Donation Suggested

Corbett Theater
►Friday, April 22, 2016 7:00PM
►Saturday, April 23, 2016 7:00PM
►Sunday, April 24, 2016 2:00PM
Ticket Price: $15, $10

Get more information HERE

Free Smoke Alarms!
In May the Red Cross wants to install free smoke alarms in every home in OTR.
If you need an alarm, call 513-579-3003 and ask to have one installed.
If you would like to help install the alarms in May, call and let them know that, too.


If you have an item to include in a future newsletter or wish to comment on the newsletter please send it to Martha Good.

Preschool Promise OTR Town Hall

Tonight! March 3rd, 2016
Doors open at 6pm. Program from 6:30-7:30pm

The Preschool Promise is an independent initiative to ensure that every child has access to two years of high-quality, affordable preschool. Come out to learn more, have your questions answered, and give input!

Hosted by: Councilman Chris Seelbach, Craig Schultz, Ryan Messer, James Musaraca-Messer, Councilwoman Yvette Simpson, Sean Lee, Robin Lee, Jon Harmon, Martha Good, Margy Walle, Bob Selhorst, Dr. Mark Manley, Annette Wick, Nora Mock, Colin Groth, James Marable, Ben Greenberg, William Thomas, and Mike Moroski

Facebook Event:

2016 Neighborhood Summit

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 7.13.46 PM

Registration is open!

Open Board Seats!

Bittersweet news.

The bitter: we have two members leaving our board.

The sweet: there is room for new talent.


Nomination forms are due by March 8th and need to be sent to


Click here: OTRCC Nomination Form

Macy’s Arts Sampler

Artswave has an awesome event that you won’t want to miss! There will be lost of art, everywhere. It’s free, it’s all weekend, and there are several locations right here in our neighborhood.  This doesn’t happen often so put it on your calendars!


Screen Shot 2016-02-19 at 7.44.54 PM

Below is a link to the PDF schedule. All the details you need to know are a click away!