OTRCC BOT 2019 Nominations

Stephan OTRCC 2019 John Walter OTRCC 2019 Julie Fay OTRCC 2019 Key Beck OTRCC 2019 Mike Bootes OTRCC 2019 Sallie Mascus OTRCC 2019 Danny Klingler OTRCC 2019 Maurice Wagoner OTRCC 2019 Thomas Fields OTRCC 2019 Amy Silver OTRCC 2019 Carissa Barnard OTRCC 2019 John Wulsin OTRCC 2019 Margy Waller OTRCC 2019

OTRCC/FCC Special Meeting Notice

CANCELLED Special Meeting Notification OTRCC Special Meeting Notice

2019 OTRCC Developer Questionnaire

Developer Questionnaire

2019 OTR Parking Permit Info

Press Release OTR Parking Application OTR Parking Map

2019 OTR Parking Permit Application

OTR parking permit application 01_01_2019

CBI-IIN Training Series

SAVE THE DATE CBI-IIN Training Series 315 W. Court St #2 CBI-IIN Training Series: Neighborhood Revitalization Please use the fixed registration link at the bottom to register for any of the training sessions! Training Series Includes: Strategic Development Series June 8 - Extending Your Reach Through Community Organizing June 15 - Working from Strengths: Learn. . .

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Over-the-Rhine focused VISTA-funded positions with the City of Cincinnati

The City of Cincinnati, in partnership with AmeriCorps VISTA, seeks to address the issue of poverty from a variety of different angles. Through a multi-faceted approach, three VISTA members will work on three pivotal topics over three total years: workforce, affordable housing and health. Their combined efforts will have a robust, impactful, and sustainable impact. . .

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Photo by Travis Estell